Vrtlarja Kalici was born in 2009 as a hybrid plant nursery, which combine both nursery activity (self producion of ornamental plant) and a garden (with different sections such as “dry garden”, “rocky garden” and many others). The whole area have an extention of 1 hectar divided in three section ( greenhouses/breeding area, iris propagation area and, iris garden-still under construction).


Over the years we collected more than 2000 different rare and unusual species and varietis of plants growing harmoniously both in the nursery and in the garden,with the purpose of offer to our client different experiences in gardening. Also we provide consultations about garden maintenance and tips for the plant growth we sell.


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This work-study internship is designed for college- and university-level students interested in expanding their knowledge of horticulture for career purposes or pure knowledge. Interns will work side-by-side with staff caring for and learning about the plant collections.


Schedule includes on-the-ground introduction and training on:

  • Plant propagation (basal cuttings, root cutting, division, layering, seed sowing).

  • Online marketing, with a focus on online promotion (e.g. website management), realization of an online catalogue, plant packaging and related topics.

  • Promotional and Informational days (e.g. Open days, Workshops, plants symposia etc.).

  • Assist in the breeding program of new perennials and irises.

  • Helping in the realization of new garden sections.



  • Students of Landscape architecture

  • Students of Horticulture

  • High school students of Agriculture

  • Related areas of studies




The expected duration of the traineeship has to be defined with the institution organizer (university, high school or others).





The program of the stage should be defined and based on the current “working needs “ of the nursery during the permanence of the intern or, based on the specific need -or request- of the intern.


The maximum number of participans is two at the same time.